2019 Top ▲ - Bottom▼SEO Pointers

3 SEO Pointers to Boost your Business

1. Analyze your Readers 2. Understand the Reader intent. 3. Capture Position 0
1. Analyze your Readers - Sure results can be seen through on-page optimization. Please note that even if your blog content is perfectly written and well optimized, if it’s done for a wrong audience set, it definitely won’t grow your business.

2. Understand the USER INTENT - No longer is a voluminous content that focuses heavily on the targeted keywords is the best fashion. Comprehend what someone is expecting to find when they query a word or phrase.

3. Never ignore Position 0 - If you're working on SEO and you're not optimizing for Featured Snippets then you're missing out on a ton of organic traffic from Google. You need to give the user an answer to his questions, in the SIMPLEST way possible.
  • Write ultimate guides for frequently asked questions related to the topic.
  • Use numbered and bulleted lists.
  • Include stats and data to verify claims and post the source of information for trustability.
PS: Implement voice search compatibility. This decides the future of blogs.

2019 - Top-Bottom SEO Pointers for a Blog post

• Title SEO - 2 kinds of title are used in every blog post

1. SEO Title - Be sure to place your main keyword at the start of the title tag. Google’s title tag display currently maxes out at 600px, so keep it under 60 characters. Use power words in your SEO Title to trigger a response from searchers.

2. Meta Title - Meta titles that are used in social media should be, having a medium tail keyword + use a call-to-action/ power-word to attract visitors to click and read.

• Description - Be sure to stick to a meta description of less than 160 characters to avoid truncating. Make sure to include your target keyword and write in a way which encourages clicks. Successful descriptions end with a call to action.

Pointers for Article SEO

• The best blog length for SEO in 2019 is 1,705 Words. Cut into appropriate paragraphs. Craft an engaging intro paragraph.

• Utilize the power of Header tags. H1 tag - Use the main long term keyword related to the contents. Similarly use other header tags to boost keywords related to the main keyword.

• Please do a research work on the keyword to be boosted by the post. Collect the "People also search for" questions in Google. Answer those questions definitively in your content.

Image SEO

• Image should be named appropriately and given properly Optimized alt tag.
• Image idea for a blog post should be worked out using the exact idea of what would attract the potential users.
• Making use of similar popular ideas in competitive sites is also a good option.