FabIndia Clothing Review - My Personal Experience

All I wanted was one decent Kalamkari kurti. No colour, no Design and no combination perfectly matched my deep longing.
Amazon/ Flipkart/ Myntra/ Max/ Paytm Mall - Nothing satisfied my soulful yearning. My relentless search never stopped.

Google and the Advertisements

We all know about our friend, Google and his character. My continuous search for one perfect Kalamkari, was all what Google needed. Any-page-I-visited / Every-link-I-opened was filled with Kalamkari images of all kind. Google(Ad) was desperate to sell me one of those. Mind you, I'm not complaining here( perhaps will do in another post) because Google was actually trying to help my case. But Sorry Google - My perfect combination continued to allude me.

FabIndia Online Shopping review

Then I came across few brand's ADs in Facebook. FABINDIA - Oh WoW!!! The straight white slub kurta that I had ordered in FabIndia, was of excellent quality. How did I miss FabIndia in my relentless search for "The Perfect Kalamkari"? Perhaps Google needs an update!

I immediately googled "Kalamkari kurti FabIndia online" and got a preview of options to choose from. Design Department of FABINDIA stands second to none. Every single option made me go mad with longing.

I chose the best design that matched all my filters and ordered it. Delhivery courier service was immediately allotted. I kept track of my order at least thrice a day. So much was my eagerness at the thought of seeing my latest love.

Next day I ordered a matching Palazzo in Max Fashion(cost-effective). The Palazzo arrived a day before my beloved kurti and it was just perfect. The next day I did not have to wait for long, Delhivery courier delivered my kurti right away, early in the morning. I opened it with all patience (without ripping it up) and I finally found my love.

I was in all tears "Heartbroken Tears". My brand new kurti looked like someone had used it for a decade and neatly packed their second hand rag in a good quality polythene bag. Please believe me when I say - the polyethylene bag quality was far superior compared to my dream kurti quality. I silently cried all night because I dare not confess to anyone (especially my husband - poor soul who paid for it) that I was crying heartbroken over a rag-like kurti and become a laughing stock.

FabIndia Return Policy

Dec 1 (Saturday) - I raised a return request for both the Kurti and Palazzo(heartless to see that palazzo of my dream kurti lying pairless). Max return request was immediately accepted. FabIndia request was accepted EOD.

Dec 3 (Monday) - Delhivery was employed by both FabIndia and Max Fashion for collection ppurpose. Same representative collected both the Kurta and Palazzo, I felt my Kalamkari craze finally letting me free.

Dec 5 (Wednesday) - I had paid Max Fashions through Paytm. I got my refund for the Palazzo in that account safe and fast.
But for FabIndia I had made a netbanking transaction. I checked the Delhivery status - No Update. So I mailed FabIndia and got this reply.
"We would like to inform you that the return shipment against your order o12569417 is currently in transit. Refund will be initiated post receipt confirmation and quality check of returned article at our end."
Dec 7 - No automatic status update on Delhivery portal and so I had to mail FabIndia yet again.
" We would like to inform you that we are getting the return shipments status checked with our concerned department.
Request you to please allow us 24-48 business hours. We regret the inconvenience caused. "

Dec 10 - Still no update and I mailed FabIndia again.
" We would like to inform you that we are getting the return shipments status checked with our concerned department.
Request you to please allow us 24-48 business hours. We regret the inconvenience caused. "

Dec 12 - I called FabIndia and asked them about the return status. They finally accepted to send me a replacement kurti processed on priority.

Dec 13 - No Update. No picking up of calls. Call back service -  not functional.

Dec 15 - After umpteen calls and mails.. The replacement product is now shipped. Let's see the quality of this product.

Dec 17 - The replacement has finally reached me and the quality is.... Good. I must really thank & appreciate the Support Head Mr.Shyamal who really looked into the matter and arranged for a speedy return.

Dear shoppers online, if you really value your hard earned money and if you seriously wish to avoid all these hassles and tassles, kindly do consider shopping using FabIndia products in shops only. Even their customer support tells you to check their stores first before ordering stuff online.

Why Fabindia is so expensive?

My Final Verdict - Fabindia - Good quality(if you are lucky) but seriously costly.

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