Naked rolling Farmers on Road - Is Modi awake to watch the Show?

Tamil farmers have tried nearly every means of peaceful heart-breaking protests.
  • They displayed skulls of the farmers who lost their lives due to drought. 
  • They were pushed to eating live mice and dead snakes. 
  • They tried shaving half of their heads and facial hair. 
  • They were seen pleading in front of 'masked' PM Modi. 
  • They shed blood by cutting their hands as they had nothing more to give. 
  • Final Straw - They rolled naked under the hot sun. All to get the attention of the Union government. 
They have been demanding a meeting with Prime Minister Modi but have been denied it until now.

Breaking News

A delegation of seven farmers were taken to the Prime Minister’s Office and were told that they would meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
However, they did not get to meet him, and had to hand over their memorandum to a PMO official.
They were escorted out of the PMO building by a police vehicle, one of the farmers jumped out of the van and stripped on the road, shouting out farmers' demands.
Soon, two other farmers joined him in his protest. Images appearing on television, showed at least three farmers rolling on the street outside PMO in protest.

What is the rest of TamilNadu doing? 

  • Chennai is busy tackling the political manipulations of BJP. 
  • Neduvasal protest is still going on.. The demands keep falling on BJP's Tamil deaf ears.
  • ANDHRA, Karnataka and Kerala are granted permission by BJP to construct water reservoirs. Tamilnadu is left to deal its water issues on its own. So the Rest of TamilNadu is right now busy running behind water to drink.