WhatsApp Updates Status Feature - Cool Personalized 24-Hour Timeline

WhatsApp now lets you keep your friends updated about you in a fun and simple way. No longer is WhatsApp - a harmless message typing-sending-receiving​ app. It is totally becoming more like a brand new social network.

Best Updates - Just Introduced

  • Don't hold on - Play your videos right away & Download it in the background. 
  • You just got the long awaited Gif support. Send and receive animated GIFs for the first time.
  • WhatsApp video calling has been improved and is totally better now. 

Latest Update - Status Feature 

  • Set up multiple status updates in a day. 
  • Statuses will play one after the other. 
  • Restrict display only to selected friends. 
  • Visibility of these updates is 24 hours. 
  • Pooh! Then they just Disappear. 
Your contacts can now get a full view of your entire day. Instagram amassed 150 million users after this cool feature was added to it. Snapchat’s hugely successful Stories feature, lets users share similar transient timelines.

How to Use New WhatsApp Status? 

  • The new Status feature can be accessed on the WhatsApp home page. Status gets a tab of its own, in between Chats and Calls.
  • This new tab comes with options to:
  • Try straight image/video update using WhatsApp camera.
  • See updates from other friends and family.
  • Reply to the new “status” of friends by tapping on ‘Reply’ button.

Features in WhatsApp Status Tab

Within the Status tab find various groups:

My Status - 

Find your most recent WhatsApp status and swipe to know who has seen your Status.

Recent Updates - 

This group shows new Status messages that your friends have created in the last 24 hours.

Viewed Updates - 

The name itself is self explanatory.

Muted Updates - 

Updates from users you've muted are listed in this group.

WhatsApp Status Privacy 

  • Updates created by you are visible to all your contacts by default. 
  • You can limit the visibility like this (My contacts except) or (Only share with).
  • This real behavioural change for WhatsApp users is fully encrypted end-to-end.

When will we get WhatsApp Status Feature?

WhatsApp Status feature has started rolling out to WhatsAppers in Europe to begin with. Other regions are in line to get this awesomatic feature. It will soon be available to all users on major platforms(Android, iPhone, and Windows).