Deccan Rummy Mobile App : FREE Rummy app download

Are you still searching for an Indian Rummy app that best matches your passion for the game? Deccan Rummy Mobile might just be your answer.
To download all app versions for Mobile/PC, visit this page - Deccan Rummy app FREE download.

Deccan Rummy Mobile is the second card game product from Deccan Games that provides a finely polished interface that runs smoothly on all handsets. This app introduces drag-and-drop card play in addition to touch-and-go. The clear and organized gameplay in the Mobile APP suits both beginners’ as-well-as experts.

Deccan Rummy Mobile Pro

  • · Easy and Smooth Gameplay
  • · Automatic Card Sorting Feature
  • · Up-to-date track of Game Statistics
  • · Excellent FAQ and Beginner Tutorials
  • · Easy navigation & Swipe features
  • · Good Visuals and Clarity
  • · Addictive user interface
  • · Very less size, just about 11 MB (not heavy on your phone memory)

Deccan Rummy Mobile Cons

  • · Need to have more freeroll tournaments & weekend special tourneys
  • · Need private tables for elite customers
  • · As the game is addictive, you lose time. 


As soon you open the app, you will be prompted to Login. In case you own an account, you can use your DeccanRummy account credentials; otherwise, you simply need to sign-up afresh. On the whole, the entire login process using the Android App is real breezy.


The graphics aren't photo-realistic but everything runs very smoothly, and it’s obvious the game developers have really put their time and effort into the areas where it finally counts the most.

Accelerometer, Vibration & Sound:

The sounds used in the game are pretty standard – nothing special, but they don’t need to be. No extra anything that detracts from the game. Nice accelerated graphics provides a smooth gaming experience.

Game Play

I did play some free games using the mobile APP and observed that features like Drag-and-drop, swipe were really good. Autosort feature saves us from the trouble of manual sorting. Navigating inside the APP is very user-friendly. On the whole, I had a satisfactory gaming experience.
Rummy is more about Time Management, Flexing Mind muscles, Rational Thinking and the best part - FUN! Deccan Rummy may put a stop to your search for an ideal mobile APP with all its features.
Experience the ultimate rummy gameplay by downloading Deccan Rummy Mobile APP for Android/iOS devices for free. Download Rummy APP from

For a FREE game, one really can’t complain about this app. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves to live with Rummy. Enjoy a real rummy experience with this app!