Use Facebook Messenger Code: Improve Brand/Business presence

With the effectiveness and popularity of private media apps, it should be no surprise that most social media platforms are going all-in for private messaging, as it is an effective social media strategy to contect with users on a personal level.

Facebook has stepped up its game for brands/businesses to communicate with customers via the private, one-to-one messaging feature it provides on Messenger.

Connect using Messenger 

Over 900 million people are using Messenger every month out of which one billion messages are sent between people and businesses each month. This feature would allow businesses to build personal connections with the people who are interested in them.

Messenger Username/Link

Earlier Messenger usernames and links made it easy to find a person or business in Messenger. You can share your username or link with people or publish it to help them start a conversation with you.

Facebook Messenger Code 

Facebook has rolled out what it calls the Messenger Code - a series of dots and dashes encircling the profile picture. When someone scans one with their camera, it'll open the option to send them a message. Using your Messenger code to communicate through Facebook Messenger takes a little bit of know-how.

How to find your Facebook page Messenger code?  

  • Download & Install Facebook Pages Manager app on your mobile phone. 
  • Select the Page with the code you wish to find. 
  • Once you’re on the selected Page, click on the Messages icon along the top. 
  • On the top bar, you can see the Messenger code icon (2 broken nested circles). 
  • Click on the Messenger icon to view and share your Messenger code or Messenger link. 

How to find your Facebook profile Messenger code? 

  • Download & Install Facebook Messenger app on your mobile phone.  
  • Once you sign in into Messenger, click on the upper right corner person icon.  
  • The Messenger code for your personal profile will appear now with your profile picture occupying the center. 
  • You will also be provided with a direct link to your Facebook Messenger. 

How to Scan a Facebook Messenger Code? 

  • Tap on your Messenger code to see the Save/Share Code options.
  • Tap the Scan Code tab.
  • Your device will open a scan feature which allows you to capture another Profile/Page Messenger code to open a Message Chat to that Profile or Page.  

How to Use your Facebook Messenger Code? 

Once you have your Facebook Messenger code, use the PNG version in the following ways: 
  • Add your Messenger code to your email signature.  
  • Embed your Messenger code on your blog or website. 
  • Share your code via your social media and set it as your profile image.  

The real beauty of Facebook messenger codes is that they can be used offline. Publish your Messenger code to your business cards, store signage/brochures, product packaging, and in other ways. Alternatively you can use the link, as your Messenger website link.