Make Chennai Green: Let's Give Back her Blanket

Chennai COLD

Isn't Chennai cold now everywhere? Fine enjoy it.. If it gets too cold? No problem.. Time for monkey caps, musty sweaters and fancy scarves. But this won't last long.. Will it?

Chennai HOT

Remember Chennai during April, May and June? Reality & Truth - Summer is Harsh and Hot. Life of average Chennaite revolves around these mantras.
  • * Stay indoors during 11-3
  • * Carry a water bottle all the time
  • * Don't forget Umbrellas even during the night
  • * AC all Time - At Home - During Travel - At Office

How to keep ourselves cool?

Here are some pointers I collected from helpful Quorans.  
  • Avoid direct sun from 10 am to 2 pm, around 3Fm sea breeze will set in. 
  • Drink lot of water, buttermilk.. Eat water melon, palm fruit etc.
  • To escape from power cuts, keep an UPS connected to the fans in the house. 
  • Take bath twice daily to avoid stickiness, and change into thin cotton clothes. 
  • Wear cotton clothes and that too white in colour- best ones to keep away the heat.  
  • Eat mangoes and drink tender coconut during the day time.
  • Are you living on the top floor? Water the terrace every evening.
  • Avoid heavy food and maintain a light veg meal. 
  • There are quite a number of trees in Chennai park. Choose them. Nothing does good like natural tree shade.
Look at the last point. If you are a true Chennaite by heart, plainly reading that point should give you pain. If it did not, please don't read further and waste your time.

Like Chennai? Please Save her

Read this news? Cyclone Vardah, which pounded the city at a wind speed of 110kmph, uprooted disastrously large number of trees. Cyclone Vardah had uprooted at least one lakh of the estimated 4.5 lakh trees in the city. The tree cover area of Chennai was already sparse, around 6.5-per cent and about one-fourth of it has vanished in the wake of the cyclone. Environmental activists are demanding a massive tree planting drive to regenerate lost green cover.

Save Chennai? Plant Trees

So how is it going to be this Summer? With all these trees lost.. Can you even IMAGINE? What shall we do this Summer? Evacuate?
Don't worry! We can still save ourselves. Some people have already begun the work. Just Read this Tweet - Actor Vishal inaugurates the biggest journey RadioCity embarked on. Planting 1 Lakh saplings around Chennai to make the city green again after the cyclone Vardah..

Help your Future 

This method may not work instantly, like how your inverter works. This is more like investing for the future. We cannot/don't have to adopt the entire city like RadioCity people do. Let's make our locality Green.
One family - Plant One Tree & Take Care of it. That should help Chennai a lot. A lot. But if you can plant one plant for each person in your Family - You are a saviour.

Give Chennai her Blanket back

Let's do a little help for the city that gave a lot and lots to us. Don't leave for the Government to do what it can. We'll do a simple help for Namma Chennai. Please take part in this movement. Give Chennai her Green Blanket back. I know the previous blanket had too many holes in it. It still will. But let's help her get decent. For her Good - For our Good.