Hack WhatApp ➜ Ask Sorry. All Is Fair in ❤!

Want to apologize to somene repeatedly? But are they not in position to hear you out? This trick may be just perfect for you..

WhatsApp is not just another visually pretty messaging app but it works just fine too. So much more than fine.. WhatsApp is plain AWESOME. It is so easy to use that even your grandma can text you, without much guidance. Let me show you how awesome in one peculiar way..

Steal His/Her Attention using WHATSAPP

In situations of love and war, you are sorely tempted to disobey the rules of reasonable behaviour. Any method to achieve your goal becomes acceptable all of a sudden. We offer you one such forbidden method. Using this either you can impress or irritate and that solely depends on mutual personalities.
Were you busy when he/she was calling you repeatedly? Are you now in a position to apologize repeatedly? Try this trick. Definitely not fairplay, but just in case..

How to open WhatsApp on Desktop?

  1. Open web.whatsapp.com in your chrome browser.
  2. Android: Go to Chats screen > Menu > WhatsApp Web.
  3. Iphone: Go to Settings > WhatsApp Web.
  4. Scan the QR Code on the computer screen using your mobile

How to hack WhatsApp and ask Sorry?

  1. Have web.whatsapp.com open and synced with your mobile WhatsApp account.
  2. Open the Chat page of your dear one.
  3. Press CTRL + Shift + J to open the developer console.
  4. Copy the code given below, paste it in the Console and hit Enter.
//To be edited - Begins
var message = "Forgive me! am really sorry :( "; //Your message
var count = 20; //number of times to send
//To be edited - Ends
var i = 0;
var timer = setInterval(function() {
var eve = document.createEvent("TextEvent");
eve.initTextEvent("textInput", true, true, window, message + i, 0, "en-US");
document.querySelector(".input-container .input").focus();
document.querySelector(".input-container .input").dispatchEvent(eve);
if (i == count)clearInterval(timer);
console.log(i + " message sent");
var evt = new MouseEvent("click", { bubbles: true, cancelable: true, view: window });
}, 10);

You are Warned! Please be aware - Overusing it may lead to Negative effects. Random Tyms is not responsible for such effects. You can Thank us below..