Come On India! Support #JusticeforJallikattu

Yes! Jallikattu ban has revived Tamil Nadu's regional pride.
  • * Protests have gathered steam. 
  • * Jallikattu has assumed such a GenNext context. 
  • * All caste, creed and sub-regional barriers stand broken today. 

This uproar against the ban is worldwide - True Tamils in any corner of this world would SUPPORT JALLIKATTU. Is it only about TamilNadu? No! We want our all our brothers & sisters to support us.

Why are we fighting hard? 

This major uproar, huge outcry on this issue, this year, is because a Ban on Jallikattu is a brutal assault on  ̶T̶A̶M̶I̶L̶  INDIAN culture and our traditions. Some may look at Jallikattu like abuse but what we see is our Identity.

A ban was passed on Cock Fight. Are we seeing the same pattern getting repeated again?
Sevalkattu was an ancient rooster fighting game, prevalent in Southern Tamilnadu. Rooster, an indigenous type of fowl, is seen as a status symbol among Tamil people. Broilers on the other hand, are designed to be a genetic mutant and are unviable stock introduced by US/UK companies to India.
FACT - 6-8 weeks old Broiler chicken babies probably give us more meat than 3-4 year old young Rooster adults. Imagine how good & healthy(?) this meat has got to be!
As a result of Supreme Court's ban, today about 6-10 different varieties of Roosters & Hen are in immediate danger of extinction. Rooster Vs Broiler = Rooster 👎

Indigenous Breeds & Games 

Jallikattu is NOT animal cruelty. The idea of cow is emotively charged because of the mythical place it holds in Hindu religion and culture as goddess Kamdhenu. Are we simply ready to lose our oldest living ancient traditions that survived so long.. till this Modern era?
  • Can coastal Karnataka be assured that the he-buffalo racing, conducted every year during winter in Kambala for the rural spectators be continued for long? 
  • What do you think will be the fate of Bagilda, which was a popular sport even during the Maratha classical period?
  • What is going to happen to Bullock cart racing, the centre of attraction at the “Rural Olympics” held in Kila of Raipur?
  • Should the other biocultural sport banned by the Supreme Court, Ongole stone pulling of central and coastal Andhra remain banned?

Join Us INDIA 

Do you know what caused this sudden concern for Bulls?


★ Brazil imported three cattle breeds from India – Gir, Kankrej and Ongole in 1960. Today Brazil has emerged as the world’s biggest exporter of improved cattle embryos and semen of bulls of Indian breeds.
★ In 2011, Quimbanda Cal, an Indian (Bos Indicus) Gir cow in Brazil broke its own 2010 record of delivering 10,230 of milk litres/year, with yield of 56.17 litres/day. 
Ironical and Unfortunate - Such pure breeds are hard to find in India. Why? India has successfully emerged as the Largest BEEF EXPORTER in the world, in the year 2014? Does this ring any Bells????????? Look at the extent of neglect of Indian cattle - From 80 indigenous cattle breeds, it has now come down to 36.


These so-called PETA animal rights activists claim that their primary concern is the welfare of animals but not the survival of the species. All PETA does is focus on how they treat animals before slaughter but care not enough to save it from that fate. Isn't the extent of PETA's love for animals clearly visible now?

We see the uproar happening now as the wake of this unpleasant awareness among our people. We can definitely protect our fowls and cattle better without PETA's interruption.

We Just Dont Need You. GO AWAY peta. 
INDIA Support Us! 
Help us get our #JusticeForJallikattu. #SathyamevaJayathe.