9 Tips to Get the Best out of Allo Google Assistant

Allo happens to be the first home of Google Assistant, an AI assistant, which is now baked into the Pixel phones. All you have to do is type “@google” in the midst of any conversation and it can help you to answer questions, make plans, share content and do more. Let's check what Allo can do..

Book a Flight

  • Provide your Assistant the permission to access your location.
  • Say something like “I need to fly to [destination]". Unsure about smart assistant technology? - <Check this>
  • Allo pulls up a list of upcoming flights and the price details[location - destination].
  • It further lets you look up Hotels and available attractions at the destination.

Use Personal Weatherman

  • Suppose you enquire something like “How would be Weather this weekend".
  • Allo provides you then weather at your location - high and low.
  • It also gives you the forecast for weekend weather.
  • It lets you get daily weather updates and other options.

Schedule/Remind Appointments

  • Type in a request like "Remind me of a debate on [Month Date]".
  • Allo gives lets you choose your preferred time or do it manually.
  • It asks you for your confirmation to set the reminder on the preferred date and time.
  • You can cancel the existing reminder or view the upcoming reminders through options.

Chat with Assistant

  • You can do more than texting using Allo.. like sending voice messages to contacts.
  • Start talking with your Assistant by tapping only the microphone button.
  • To talk to someone else, tag Google, long-press and let go of the microphone after recording.
  • Google responds to the voice messages as if it were sent-texts.

Search Chat History

  • The Google Allo Assistant maintains a full searchable history of all non-Incognito chats.
  • Tap the icon in the upper-right corner that hides an overflow menu button.
  • Type the first few letters of what you want to search in the chat.
  • Allo highlights matching strings in the previous chats and lets you page through them.

Recognize images easily

  • Allo can recognize faces, identify any landmarks in photos, and even read barcodes.
  • It’s a great way to recognize products and logos.
  • Assistant can page through your Google Photos at your request.
  • It can look up photos by the metadata, and bring up photos taken in a specific place or day.

Play Media Player

  • You don’t have to leave Allo to listen to the music.
  • Search for an artist and song title, Assistant can find an YouTube video for it.
  • Tap the video thumbnail and a video player will open up and start playing it.
  • Use the prefix “Play” when searching for music, Assistant opens the default music player app.

Send News On-Demand

  • After completing a query, choose the Assistant option to “Send me daily”.
  • Allo Assistant can send you useful information automatically, on a daily basis.
  • News, weather, currency exchange rates and more can be subscribed.
  • To alter one of the subscriptions, tell the Assistant to change it or cancel it.

Endless Game Time

  • Assistant offers options to play classic games like solitaire/games from Google Doodles and so.
    • Chat-based games - Try guessing the names of movies which is spelled out in emoji or reply to riddles in emoji form.
    • Quiz games - These games have a separate interface and are well structured with multiple topics & difficulty levels.
  • Assistant can tell you good jokes, interesting facts or random fun.
Alas! We can only thank Google for the seriously smart AI capability it has injected into a Text Messaging App and having made it our all-help personal Assistant.

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