Blogger Template: Add Twitter Cards

Want your Twitter audience to Click, Open and Read your blog post, Sign up for your Email list - Straight from a single Tweet? Give them rich media experiences, not just a tweet’s standard 140-character written message. Implement Twitter Cards in your Blogger Template.

What are Twitter Cards? 

Twitter Card = A Photo and Article Summary
They travel alongside your blog, automatically adding media and information about your blog or posts in tweets. This article should -

  • Give you an understanding about card type that best suits you 
  • Help you set up Twitter cards for your blog and verify them 
  • Make your Blog's Twitter cards stand out from the crowd 

1. Twitter Card Types 

  • Summary Card - Title and description, Image thumbnail, and Twitter attribution. 
  • Summary Card with Large Image: A Summary Card with image prominently featured. 
  • App Card: Details an mobile app with download feature. 
  • Player Card: This Card can provide video/audio/media. 

2. SetUp Twitter Cards 

A picture is always an eye-catching addition. Let us implement Summary Card with Large Image for our Blogger posts.

3. StandOut from Crowd

 Alas! We've reached the final important point. How to prepare your tweets stand out from the crowd and get the Clicks?

  • Write a Unique, Attention stealing tweet. 
  • Make your Title SEO Optimized. 
  • Choose an Attractive, Optimized Image. 

You are all set. Write, Post and Share. Go!