Blogger Template: Add Facebook Open Graph Meta Tags

Open graph protocol is a must need for blogger to properly show your Blog's Tittle, Image and Description in Social media markets like Facebook, Google+ and Others.

Why is OpenGraph Data essential? 

 Even without Open Graph, Facebook can gather the data snippet for your posts, as soon as they are shared. But it may not be able to extract information like tittle, image, description in a perfect fashion, from you blog post. When Facebook fails to do this, not only will the visitor who is trying to share the post be discouraged but also your website’s traffic will be harshly hampered. Hence to avoid concerns like,
 The right page title, etc are not fetched,
 The right thumbnail image are not shown, it is better/essential that you install open graph meta tags to blogger.

What does OpenGraph have? 

og:title: This tag is to indicate the title of your posts, blog, etc.
og:url: This tag displays the URL of your posts, homepage, etc.
og:image: This tag shows the right image to be display when shared or liked.
og:type: This tag represents the type of your page. We use “blog” on the homepage and on article pages we use “article” attribute.

Add OpenGraph Meta tags to Blogger Template 

Check out the step-by-step Instructions to add the open graph meta data to Blogger - Blogger-OpenGraph 
Debug the OpenGraph Meta tags using the debugger tool - FaceBook-Debugger 

Congrats! You have now successfully added Facebook Open Graph Meta Data to your Blogger blog. Check out