Use Facebook: Order Food, Book Tickets and Give Recommendations

Facebook has designed a new way to connect users and the local businesses. The newly launched service called Recommendations, allows one to order food, buy tickets and do more. But many existing mobile applications, let users do the same. Read more to know how Facebook Recommendations service is any different.

Facebook Recommendations allow people to get a quote from local businesses, buy tickets, book appointments at spas and salons, discover local events and receive recommendations about things they are interested in - All without leaving Facebook app/website.

Reviews from Strangers - When trying to decide which product to buy, people rely mostly upon strangers' reviews on Amazon.
Algorithms that Search - For general knowledge, people rely on Google's algorithmic tools to provide them the right answers.
Facebook is plainly trying to tap the power of people whose opinions we value the most. It lets you to poll on your friends post for restaurants to try, recommendations on places to check out, and businesses to trust. Those recommendations then get located on a map, with links to the businesses' official pages and options to purchase items directly from the companies themselves.

All one need to do is have a Facebook account and choose to turn on the new feature called Recommendations. When a user turns this on, they can directly go to the Recommendations bookmark to:
  • Ask a question through posts seeking advice on local places or services.
  • Share information and suggestions about favourite places and things with friends.

How Facebook Recommendations work?

This is better explained with a clean real time example - Let us consider, you need suggestions for a good takeout place for grabbing food, somewhere in Chennai.
  • You can now ask your Facebook friends and get their recommendations on a map.
  • You can even place an order from within Facebook app/website.
Simple! Is it not? To facilitate this feature, Facebook is now allowing businesses to sell products and services through its Marketplace feature.

How to Order Food using Facebook?

Now order food from restaurants directly, without leaving the website or app.
  • Go to the Restaurant's official Facebook page. 
  • Click “Start Order” action button.
  • Ordered food directly reaches the user, provided the establishment uses Slice or (U.S specific).

How to Request an Appointment using Facebook?

Now book appointments for personal services, such as getting a haircut from local businesses like spas and salons.
  • Go to the establishment's official Facebook page.
  • Request a preferred time for the appointment.
  • View their entire list of services and offerings.
  • The business people will get back to you on Messenger to confirm.

How to Get a quote using Facebook?

Now easily and quickly request a quote from the Local businesses.
  • Go to the specific business' official Facebook page.
  • Click “Get Quote” action button at the top.

How to Get tickets to Movies and Events using Facebook? 

  • Purchase movie tickets straight from the official Facebook Pages.
  • Get free/paid tickets to events directly from the Event page on Facebook.
  • Browse Event recommendations based on what’s popular with friends.
  • Catch up on what's going on in one's community of friends using the revamped Events bookmark.

Where is this service available? 

Recommendations is part of Facebook’s efforts to expand its offerings. This new service has been currently launched in the United States this week in a test mode. Facebook plans to offer it to all its (about 1.7 billion monthly active) International users in the future and get them to spend more time using the app.
Recommendations bookmark on Facebook (desktop only).