Book Ola/Uber Cabs: Use Google Search

Google has made the process of hailing a car ride more streamlined now. Google Maps integrated with ridesharing app is old news. The new Google update makes it all the more easier for commuters to check cab availability, compare Uber, Ola fares and hail a cab to desired destination - all using your smartphone.

Earlier users were able to choose their best transit options from Ola or Uber using Google Maps app. Now Google has started rolling out ride service options in mobile search results alongside estimates of commuting time via driving, walking, or using public transports.

How to book a cab using Google Search? 

  • Use either the Google app or the browser on your mobile (Android or iOS device).
  • Perform a search for directions to a specific location. Eg – Type in requests like "Uber to Chennai airport" or "Ola to Chennai airport".
  • Turn-by-turn directions to the intended destination are shown along with a tab of options for ride services. 
  • This tab is replete with information about each ride - approximate time the ride will take, the fees range projected and so. 
  • You can now be able to explore your options, make a quick comparison about the best taxi fare and then order the service.
  • You will be directed to select one of the services and automatically the app opens up to book a ride. 
  • In case the app is not installed on your device, Google Search will show you a link to install the app.
Seamless. Isn’t?