Amazon, My Baby and Me


is my best friend. Seriously. All Amazon suggested ideas worked out perfectly in my daughter's case. My very dutiful husband devotes so much time to work. I had to face all my baby's problems on my own. Feeling sorry for me? Don't be. Amazon helped me.. with almost everything.

Baby not drinking milk?

Amazon suggested Haberman's Anywayup Cow cup was my absolute saviour.
Nothing else can be of greater concern when your baby refuses to drink milk. Been there. Done that. Weaning was really difficult. My daughter, Dee refused to take a cup. I just went through millions & millions of reviews and finally chose this cup. OMG! Why didn't I think of trying this earlier? Dee simply adored this utterly brilliant award-winning cow cup. Amazon gave me two cups at the cost of one. Yay! Yay!

Baby play items?

All of Dee's play things were/are purchased online. Starting from balls till her toy cycle. All her toys were suggested by Amazon. My daughter has this crazy fascination for balls. I ordered many balls of varying sizes to save my kitchen potatoes and tomatoes. Whenever my daughter is in a mood to throw tantrums, we diffuse it instantly, by giving her the balls. Little's softball is her absolute favourite and ours too. Wanna know why? Because getting beaten at by softball does not hurt much :( unlike potatoes.
Check out - Little's Baby Ball (Multicolour)

Baby birthday decoration?

Plannings for Dee's 1st birthday celebrations started before a month. Amazon helped me purchase everything - right from polka dotted decorative balloons to cake candles. We ordered personalised return gifts like Spiderman bracelet,  Ben10 projector watch and many more gifts in matching Haversack bags. Kids loved it. That's why I love Amazon, my only true friend then.

Brushing baby teeth?

Again after thousands of reviews and suggestions, I settled on Chicco Toothbrush & Toothpaste. When I had to purchase, I thought any nearby medical stores should do. But no. Medical stores were intent on selling me what they thought was right for my baby. Most medical stores nearby did not sell Chicco products. Amazon was there with me unfailingly, this time too. It was a real good purchase, right on time. Check out - Chicco Toothbrush,Chicco 50ml Toothpaste (Apple-Banana )

Baby drinking cup!

This is my latest purchase. I'm trying to make her take a cup to drink milk. My daughter adores cow cup so much that it is little difficult to make her use a cup. But my neighbourhood baby likes it so much that, her mum had to get her one too :) Check out - Piyo Piyo Stylish Drinking Cup

I do not want to sound like Amazon's champion here. But I must definitely say this "Thank you Amazon. You've always been there for me."

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