Google is ready to Boost your Business and its Free!!!

Considering Google's clout over online realm, it is smart to make use of any opportunity it presents to connect with a community of customers and fans. Though Google+ has significant impact on SEO and search traffic volume, it is most often unappreciated in favor of other social networks.

Be it a Website or a physical storefront, Google+ can increase visibility to a great extent. It can makes your brand more visible in search results.
For example -
Case 1: When a person searches “rummy online” using a mobile, tablet or his desktop, Google+ page result at the top of the search results can help the rummy site gain a potential player.
Case 2: When a person searches “grocery store” from your locality, Google+ page result with the geographic location of the store and all the relevant information can potentially influence a recurring customer.
Google My Business now manages Google+. Google My Business is basically Google’s way of making it easy for potential customers to find your brand and connect with your company. If using a simple +1 button can get 3.5 times more visits on Google Plus, setting up a Google Plus profile through Google My Business and optimising it for the target audience can definitely pay by boosting organic search rankings and brand visibility.

Steps to setup a successful Business account in Google Plus

1. Create a Google My Business account & a Google Plus business page.
2. Choose your business type - Storefront, Service Area, or Brand.
3. Add information like photos, address etc that could help you stand out.
4. The cover image from a maximum size of 2120 x 1192 px to a minimum size of 480 x 270 px can speak more about your brand. The profile picture can be of size 250 x 250 px.
4. Make your page easily accessible using a captive description and clear custom url.
5. Connect or remove already existing pages for your brand.

Must know Google+ Features that can help SEO greatly

* Circles - Organise and Target your messages to the right people using Circles and share updates with them.
* Communities - Connect with like-minded people using communities as an opportunity for engagement.
* Hangouts - Things like webinars, performances, or debates can be connected using Google Hangouts on Air.
* Collections - Help your potential customers by posting collections of their interest and by aiding them view similar content.

Google Plus hands over resources like Search, Gmail, Google Maps, Communities, YouTube, Hangouts, AdWords in a silver platter. With such valuable tools at our disposal, engaging users and creating a brand awareness have now become easier and faster reachable targets.

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